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Challenged by strumming patterns? In need of support packaged just for you? Hit a brick wall that nobody else seems to struggle with? Looking for a structure to all that advice? You've found the answer!

Dave Howard delivers traditional ukulele lessons, uke-to-uke, in the real world, and for those who can't get to where he is he offers Uke Lessons By Zoom - online coaching via webcam.

Structured Online Training Courses are coming soon, and Tip-Sheets and Guides are available for download now. 

He leads The Alvechurch Radical String Ensemble and The Kings Heath Secret Strummers; two uke groups that contrast and complement other strumalong gatherings. For both groups Dave creates bespoke song arrangements designed to involve everyone, no matter what their level of experience. These arrangements are now being made available online for other groups of two or more players.

Find out more about all of these below